Animal Pacifier Clip


We are happy to see a return of the colorful animal pacifier clips. Now you have something to attach to your clothing to prevent the accidental dropping or loss of your pacifier. Please note that pacifiers do not come with the animal clips and are for photo purposes only. Choose from a dog, frog, giraffe, green unicorn, lion, monkey, pink unicorn, tiger or zebra. The approximate sizes are:

Dog - 7" long x 6 " wide

Frog - 5" long x 4" wide

Giraffe - 8.75" long x 5" wide

Green Unicorn - 6" long x 3" wide

Lion - 6.5" long x 5.5" wide

Monkey - 8.75" long x 5" wide

Pink Unicorn - 6" long x 3" wide

Tiger - 6" long x 6" wide

Zebra - 6" long x 3" wide

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