Ordering & Shipping Information

Secure Ordering

Changing Times Diaper Company (CTDC) uses the latest secure commerce server, encryption technology, digital certificates and authentication to process all online orders. You can feel confident your personal information is secure when using our Shopify shopping cart. CTDC is never provided your entire credit card number, expiration date or CVV. 

Online Order

All order must be placed online using our secure shopping cart. Just add the product(s) directly from the product page to the cart. A majority of the products have a drop-down menu to choose the preferred size. Several products such as diaper fasteners have a drop-down menu to select the color. Click the add button after selecting the desired size or color. You will automatically be forwarded to the shopping cart where you can view products, a sub total, shipping estimate and grand total. From here you can delete items, update quantities, update totals, continue shopping or checkout. Click the "Checkout" button when you are finished shopping. Your next screen will allow you to enter the customer details and payment method.

Please make sure the delivery shipping address is correct as once the package is sent, it's very difficult to re-route and will cause a delay in receiving your products. In addition, be aware the transit times when shipping via USPS and UPS are not set by CTDC. These times are established by Shopify and I have no control to make changes to these times.

All packages in excess of 13 ounces will be sent USPS Priority Mail, Parcel Select Ground or UPS. Once you are satisfied, click "Checkout" and you will be forwarded in order to complete your order through our payment provider. All online payments are processed through the Shopify secure site. Please print a copy of the invoice for your records.

Please keep in mind when ordering that we cannot ship more that 12 sample packs of disposable diapers in one package. Due to the extra cost of shipping excessive amount of diapers, we reserve the right to pack as many disposable diaper sample packs in one package as possible. We will refund the price of the products which cannot be included in the shipment along with any excess shipping cost to your credit card account. Large orders for specific disposable diapers should be placed through ABU, Little For Big, Northshore Care, Tykables and The ABDL Shop. 

In addition, our shipping calculator uses a default box size measuring 12" x 12" x 8". This is the average sizes package shipped from CTDC. In some cases, so many sample packs are ordered that a much larger box must be used resulting in a higher shipping rate. This is especially true if shipping via USPS priority mail or UPS express services such as Next Day or 2 Day Air. We reserve the right to select a less expensive shipping method should the price paid for shipping and the actual shipping cost exceed what is an acceptable amount. In some cases, the individual will be asked to pay for the higher shipping cost. Every order is different. Partial shipping refunds will be provided as necessary.

Bottom line: we could increase our default shipping box size but this would dramatically increase the shipping rate for orders of one or two smaller and lighter products. It's a delicate balance shipping orders containing one waterproof pant or one sample pack versus an order for twenty to thirty sample packs.

Mail-In and Phone-In Orders

We request all orders be placed through our secure shopping cart. Due to difficulties with past mail-in and phone orders, we do not accept these types of transactions. We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

Foreign Orders

Our shopping cart is set to accept orders from many foreign countries. Please note the US Postal Service no longer offers parcel post as an option of shipping outside the US. Too many claims for lost packages were being filed when in actuality the package was just delayed in shipping. All foreign orders are shipped via USPS 1st class international mail (under 4 lbs) or USPS priority mail. Any shipping over-payment will be refunded to you. Due to unfair import fees imposed by UPS, we are longer using their service for orders shipped outside the United States.

Please be aware that CTDC cannot be held responsible for any import fees/taxes placed on the products once they arrive in-country. We assign the appropriate HS Code based upon the products purchased/sent. Many times the products will be rated at $0.00 by the host country but the government may apply an import fee/tax in order to clear customs. Please check your location regulations concerning the import of adult briefs (medical products) from the United States.

Should you decide not to pay the import fees and refuse accepting the products, CTDC will not be held responsible for any costs to return the products to the US. The products will be considered abandoned by the purchaser and no refund for the products and shipping will be applied to the individuals credit card account. Please consider these factors before placing an order.  

Feel free to contact us if interested in purchasing our products and your country is not listed during checkout. It is a very simple process to add countries to our shopping cart which allows for worldwide delivery.

Cancelled Orders

United States customers cancelling their order will be charged a fee of 2.6% + $0.30 (online fee). The cancelation fee for foreign orders is 3.6% + $0.30. The credit card transaction fee we pay is based upon the product cost, shipping price and state tax. Our credit card processor will not refund this fee to us when a customer decides to cancel their order. For example, a US order total of $80.00 will result in a credit card transaction fee of $2.38. Should the order be cancelled, a refund of $77.62 will be refunded to the credit card account. Cancelation fees for foreign orders will be slightly higher.

Discreet Shipping

We respect your right to privacy and mail all products in plain envelopes, USPS Priority Mail packaging, brown boxes and poly mailers. The return address on all packages will indicate CTDC, 2675 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV, 89121-2358. 


One of our goals here at Changing Times Diaper Company is to provide the kind of service we would like to receive when ordering through online stores. We will process all orders as quickly as possible in order to get the products to you in the minimum amount of time. Our suggestion is to get orders in as early in the day as possible. Our mail carrier normally picks up around 11:00 AM. The last UPS orders will go out by 4:00 PM.

All orders will be shipped in a prompt manner - we will aim for less than 24 hours, if possible, when paid using our secure website.

Packages are shipped through the United States Postal Service or UPS ground. Our shopping cart will calculate the actual shipping weight and give you the rates for USPS and UPS services. Packages shipped via USPS weighing over 13 ounces will automatically be shipped Priority Mail with a 2 - 3 day delivery time. Any excessive over-payment of the actual shipping cost will be refunded as a credit to your credit card, or a cash refund if paid by money order or personal check. Any amount under the actual cost will be paid by CTDC.

All packages sent Priority Mail include free delivery confirmation when printed through the US Postal Service website. Packages shipped via UPS ground will include a tracking number. We do not ship via FedEx or DHL.

Please be aware we are not responsible for delivery times once the package is picked up or delivered to the US Postal Service or UPS carriers. All efforts are made to send your products via the fastest and most cost efficient manner, however, packages are sometimes misrouted by USPS/UPS employees which may result in slower delivery times. Holidays and weather can also have an effect on delivery times. The only way to "track" a package during its journey through the postal system is to use Express Mail. I do not offer or recommend shipping by Express Mail as it is expensive and the delivery times stated may not be accurate.

We use our Shopify ecommerce program to create all shipping labels. Our "default" package size is 12" x 12" x 8" with a weight of 5 oz. We are required to have a default package size and 12" x 12" x 8" is the average size box used for shipping. Many orders will ship in a smaller package where many orders require a larger box than the default size. For this reason, the shipping of a smaller order will result in a smaller box or package and lower cost. When this is the happens, we will refund the price difference to your credit card. When larger orders require a larger box and the shipping price is more than what the customer paid, we absorb this extra cost (within reason).

We can send up to seven sample packs using poly bags. This shipping method using USPS can save a great deal of money and delivery time versus using a box of similar sizing and shipping USPS parcel select or UPS ground. We will refund excess shipping if the products can be sent using doubled poly bags. Our goal is to get the products to you in the shortest time frame and at the lowest price available. 

Damaged Products

Please keep all packaging and invoices if your products were damaged during shipping. Claims cannot be made if packaging is missing. Invoices are your proof as to the value of the products enclosed. Contact the post office or go online to www.usps.com immediately to start a claim for damaged goods. Complete the claim form and wait for instructions from the post office for receiving and inspecting the damage. Do not ship the product(s) and packaging back to CTDC. We cannot process any claims for damaged products.

Defective Products

We do everything possible to ensure the products sent to your are free of defects. However, in the event you discover a defect after opening the package and examining the product(s), please contact us immediately via email at (ctdc58@gmail.com). Please let us know the order # and the product which is defective. We will take the necessary steps to correct the issue by sending a replacement product or refunding the purchase price to your credit card. Please contact us within 5 days upon receiving the defective product(s). Do not return any defective products until you have contacted us and received a response.

Return Policy

All products are sealed for health and sanitary reasons. You can rest assured the products received have only been touched by the manufacturer and CTDC. We cannot accept the return of diapers, waterproof pants or training pants due to hygiene reasons. Please select your items carefully.

We will do everything in our power to ensure you receive the right products. In the rare event where you are sent the wrong product, it may be returned as long as the seal on the package is not broken. Your return shipping charge will be refunded as a credit to your credit card. You can also request a full refund on your purchase if the sealed package has not been opened.

Returns are not accepted due to damage caused by the buyer. Please read the washing instructions on our website to prevent damaging your product. In addition, the use of plain safety pins could snag the thread used to sew the side seams on our waterproof PUL pants. It is strongly recommended only plastic covered safety pins be used when wearing our pre-fold cloth diapers and waterproof pants. Dritz plastic covered diaper pins are suggested to prevent snagging the side seam threads.

Defective products can be returned to us at: CTDC, 2675 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV, 89121-5238.

We respectfully request that you do not return any product/order until you have contacted us. Unexpected surprises lead to trying to contact you to determine the reason for the return and calculating how much will be refunded to your credit card.  


Refunds will only be given on products returned sealed within 30 days of purchase or have a manufacturer's defect which was discovered within 5 days after being received. The product is considered unsealed as soon as it is removed from it's packaging. You will receive a full refund minus the shipping and handling cost on products returned sealed. A full refund will be received on defective products. Refunds will be in the form of a credit to your credit card.


Our goal on pricing is to keep the products affordable. Prices are based upon the manufacturer's cost, shipping, bank fees along with all import fees. I have learned the ins and outs of running a small business and now understand the prices some online stores are charging for their products. We continually review our product and operating costs in order to keep the prices reasonable.


Please use the "Contact Us" link at the top of the Home page for questions regarding our products, quantities on hand, sizing, payment, shipping, returns or refunds. Please include your invoice number for products already purchased. Please be aware we are a retail store and it could be a day or two before a response is received.