July 12, 2024

Due to the downturn in the economy, our business and while I am away, the hours for the store will be 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. We will no longer be open on Thursday. History for retail sales for this day are not enough to keep up with the higher energy costs we must pay during the summer. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

As stated in the July 5th blog, no order will be shipped during my absence. We expect to be back to normal operations on or about July 25th.

July 5, 2024

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my trip back east is delayed by one week. The extremely high temperatures forecasted for Las Vegas during the week of July 8th requires I stay in the area. For this reason, we will be opened our normal hours of 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Starting July 15th till approximately July 24th, store hours will be 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. During the period of reduced hours, no orders will be shipped. Any order received after 4:00 PM on Friday, July 12th, will not ship until we return to regular business hours the following week. I am sorry for any inconveniences during this time.

After 5 months, our new dinosaur print clothing has arrived. Pictures need to be taken and will be available for online purchase next week.

June 21, 2024

Gayle and I would like to thank our customers for the outpouring of support since announcing the closing of our business. Starting as a home-based business in our garage to a retail store is a seventeen-year journey. This is why the decision to close the retail part of the business is difficult and not to be taken lightly. We struggle with our decision but know in the long term, moving out of state with the possibility of returning to a home-based business is in our best interest.

We have received several requests concerning our business and cute prints. What I can say with certainty is Changing Times Diaper Company is not for sale. Our six prints are also not for sale or available for licensing. We have no interest in partnering with anyone since there is the possibility of moving out of Nevada in the upcoming years. This has been a mom-and-pop operation since day one and will continue until we decide to call it quits for good. When will that be? Who knows.

Our offer of 20% off a wide selection of our products allowed us to see an increase in sales over the past few weeks, but the tide has turned, and sales are reverting back to below what we have experienced in the past years. We are all paying more for everything in life, but salaries are not keeping pace with the inflation of everyday necessities. This has a direct effect on our small business.

As product quantities are reduced along with the manufacturing time if we decide to stay open a little longer, certain products will be removed from the 20% discount without warning. Several products have been removed as of today, and I expect more in the next several days. In order to make sure we have enough inventory on-hand to get us through the end of September, the 20% discount will end on June 30th. My suggestion is to get the products at a reduced price while they are available. We will look at another discount in the future as we finalize plans for our business.

Our website asks customers visiting our store to come dressed as adults. We are in a small retail complex and our landlord along with fellow tenants can see who is visiting our store. I believe many in the community are familiar with what happened with Tykables and My Inner Baby. We do not need these problems having been here for seven and a half years. We ask you to wear your ABDL clothing and display your personality within the confines of your hotel room, Air B&B, casino, Las Vegas Blvd., and Fremont Street. We will politely ask people who wear inappropriate clothing into our store to leave. Too many comments have been made by fellow tenants and this must end.

Be aware there will be reduced operating hours starting July 8th until approximately July 18th. Our hours will be 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This is necessary as part of determining if living in Las Vegas is in our future. We are sorry for any inconvenience and will be back to regular hours July 22nd.

During the period of reduced hours, no orders will be shipped. Any order received after 4:00 PM on Friday, July 5th, will not ship until we return to regular business hours the following week. I am sorry for any inconveniences during this time.

There will be additional blog posts as we move closer to determining the future of our business.

May 28, 2024

As Gayle and I move closer to making a final decision about our business, we will continue to keep everyone informed through our blog or talking to customers while they are in the store. Some choices will be welcomed while others will be to our advantage.

We are currently offering 20% off all clothing along with many PUL and vinyl products. This is being done to reduce the number of products on hand and should the day come, allow us to rent a smaller facility to continue selling online. The final decision has yet to be made about closing the store or continuing to offer products through online sales.

I have heard from several customers that a few individuals are posting on various sites that we are closed. We are not. There is a big difference between saying that we are closing but it will not be for a few months, and we are closed. We will continue to be open Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM until further notice. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday along with Federal holidays.

Due to too many phone calls where individuals want to play games with us, we now have a new unlisted number. It is so sad that individuals are providing too much personal and often improper and/or disgusting comments concerning their bodily functions. Many will hang up on me and phone back in hopes Gayle will answer the phone. The problem became such an issue that we would not answer the phone, trying to avoid these types of calls. In addition, text messages arrived late at night with messages that made no sense, only fueling the reason for a new phone number. Again, people are playing games with us. The only way to reach us from now on will be through email ( We are sorry for any inconvenience, but this is being done for our protection.

Our new dinosaur printed clothing is complete and should arrive shortly. This print will be added to our site once pictures are taken, and listing made. Bodysuits, footed sleepers with zipper and training pants with five layers of terrycloth material.

Please bear with us as we continue to make plans for our future. What official stance is “the final chapter for CTDC has not been written. We might be down, but we are not out.”

May 15, 2024

It is with deep regret that I announce Changing Times Diaper Company is closing. A specific date has not been set but will be within the next four months.

Gayle and I want to thank the thousands of people who visited our store over the past several years. Many have become good friends, and we will miss seeing you.

I believe we can agree the economy is affecting everyone's way of life. People’s income is not keeping pace with increasing costs of everything we use on a daily basis.

Major retailers and restaurants are closing their doors after decades in business. If these companies cannot survive the current situation, it is harder for mom-and-pop operations, especially a store such as ours.

There are many reasons we have chosen to close and start a new life outside Nevada. The prices from our suppliers continue to increase and I cannot in good faith increase our prices any higher. It has reached the point of being ridiculous for the price of disposable diapers and vinyl pants from our suppliers. I will tell you Little for Big and Trestcare/The ABDL Shop provides us fantastic support and pricing over other suppliers. Please support these two companies.

This cannot be said for other suppliers who supported us in the past and no longer wish to. One will not release their new products to resellers. Three suppliers will not answer emails requesting additional products. I am not a game player and refuse to participate in their antics.

The time is nearing when Gayle and I will eventually leave Las Vegas. The business will not follow us, so we will liquidate our inventory. We are offering 10% off all remaining cloth diapers and inserts and 20% off many other products. Disposable diapers are not being discounted at this time, but this will change as we near the date our doors will be locked to retail sales. There will be no future orders from our suppliers although we are expecting our new dinosaur print clothing to arrive shortly.

FYI. Be aware our Shopify program is not user friendly when it comes to offering multiple discounts. It is possible but requires writing code into the system to offer two or more discounts at the same time. The system will recognize the higher discount and ignore the smaller one. An example is one will receive 20% off a footed sleeper but not the 10% off a cloth diaper. The only way around this should someone want diapers along with clothing and/or waterproof pants is to place two separate orders. Everyone is free to do this, and I will refund any excess shipping paid. Both orders will be shipped in the same package/box. I am sorry for any inconvenience, but this is one of the drawbacks to the Shopify app.

My suggestion is: if you want it, get it before it is gone. Products not sold will be donated to local nursing homes or agencies assisting children with disabilities. Some products will end up in the trash. We cannot take it with us when the day comes to move out of state.

There will be more announcements as we approach our last days as a retail operation. Keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you for your support over the past seventeen years. It was quite a journey from a home-based in Northern California to a retail business in Las Vegas.


September 19, 2023

Well. We have an update about the future of our retail location. Some recent events (that were out of our hands) allowed us to make the decision to keep the store open for another year. We will continue to move forward with new products and at the same time, say goodbye to other products.

We recently introduced our Honey Bear print. Products made with polyurethane laminate (PUL) have arrived. Arriving shortly should be bodysuits, footed pajamas and rompers.

However, we are saying goodbye to disposable diapers from ABUniverse. Their shipping price from Everett, WA is too high and we will not pass this cost onto our customers.

We will add the purple Trest in the upcoming weeks. From Little For Big will be Astro Babies, Blushing Baby and Baby Cuties in size XL. Also being added is their Little Circus in sizes medium and large along with the ABDry in size medium, large and XL.  

July 26, 2023

We are pleased to announce the addition of swim diapers to our line of PUL products. Available in five prints. This one size fits all garment can be worn in the pool, while relaxing around the house or when additional protection is needed over disposable diapers.

July 25, 2023

Another new product. Pull-on PUL pants featuring our Bear Hugz print. This is a newly designed pant for full coverage over cloth or disposable diapers.

July 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new print: Honey Bears. The initial products are made of PUL and consists of snap-on pant, bib, changing pad and swim diaper. The products can be found under Collection - Honey Bears.

Snap-On Pant

July 7, 2023

As our business evolves, we have to determine new products to offer and at the same time, decide which products are no longer popular and discontinue. The time has come to no longer order the Gary Mfg. print vinyl pants. Aussie Bears, Blue Carousel, Honey Bear, Pink Carousel and Sleepy Bears vinyl pants are now available at a discount rate of 15%.

January 25, 2023


January 17, 2023

Another new product from CTDC. Pull-on training pants featuring our cute Fuzzi Friends print. As with our Playtime Bears training pant, this product also features five layers of terry cloth lining versus the non-absorbing polyfill lining found in many similar products.

 January 16, 2023

New products continue to arrive. We are excited to announce the Bear Hugz and Fuzzi Friends bodysuits are now available with long sleeves and hoods. The bodysuits use our unique cut featuring a wide crotch, elastic at the leg opening, full coverage across the bottom and color coordinated metal snaps.

January 6, 2023

We are once again excited to announce the arrival of Trest Elite Briefs in colors blue and pink. WOW!

With unmatched absorbency, TREST Elite Briefs are the way to go for day and night protection. The absorbent core holds an industry leading 9500mL! It is also designed to neutralize odors and wick moisture away from the skin, leaving you feeling dry.

Made with a strong, yet ultra-soft pastel colored plastic-backed outer shell, this brief provides a superior fit and comfort, which aids in preventing leaks in all positions. TREST Elite Brief ensures maximum comfort and absorbency.

For full pack or case quantities, please visit our friends @ The ABDL Shop - Shop for Adult Baby Diaper Lovers .




July 26, 2022

We are excited to offer the Trest Elite and Carousel V2 adult disposable diapers from The ABDL Shop. The Trest Elite sets the gold standard for adult diapers. The Carousel V2 are super cute, comfortable and absorbent. Sample packs now available. Larger quantities can be purchased from The ABDL Shop.

Carousel V2


July 21, 2022

There comes a time when tough decisions must be made about the future of our business. Pricing from our sources continue to increase while the average working American family struggles to make ends meet. This is true with many of our customers. I know manufacturers must raise their prices to keep up with production costs, but sometimes the pricing is too much to pass onto our customers.

It is with mixed emotions we say goodbye to the vinyl pants from Gary Mfg. Their minimum requirements in order to keep our pricing low is no longer acceptable. We received our last order from Gary Mfg. and as pants sell-out, they will not be replaced. My suggestion is to get them while you can as certain styles are only available from one or two other companies here in the US.

Gayle and I are considering other actions to keep our store stocked and will pass on good/bad news when the time comes. 

January 25, 2022

After weighing the pros and cons of current shipping issues with UPS and USPS, I have no choice but to no longer ship products outside the United States. This is not an easy decision and will affect our bottom line.

Packages are experiencing long delays in reaching our customers. All shipments have tracking numbers and, in several cases, could not show the movement of the package. This only causes me extra work to file claims for packages which we lost by USPS. We do not ship outside the US using UPS as they apply high import fees once packages reach the destination country.

I am not only experienced difficulties with our postal service, but Canada, Germany and France postal services too.

I am hopeful this is just a short-term decision but fear this could be permanent.

April 20, 2021

As business owners, Gayle and I have to make tough decisions. Many time situations occur which are out of our hands and require solutions we may not choose to make. At this time, due to logistics, we have decided not to place an additional order for our Bear Hugz disposable diapers. What we have on-hand hopefully will be sufficient until a solution can be determined to place another order for our popular disposable diaper. This is not an end to the Bear Hugz diapers, just a stumbling block. More to come on this topic as the situation develops.

September 11, 2020

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Ahoy Bears print. Now available in bodysuits and trainers. Same quality material and construction as our Bear Hugz clothing.


July 10, 2020

Holy cow. Where did time go to? Gayle and I want to thank all our customers for their continued support during these difficult times. Your support allows us to keep our doors open while many small mom and pop operations around the nation are calling it quits after years of stress and sleepless nights to build their business. We thank you for supporting CTDC.

We are happy to now offer the Tykables Pupper and Rearz Alpaca disposable diapers.

Available in the near future will be our new Ahoy Bears adult bodysuits and trainers. Everyone who has seen the new print are excited to see it added to our growing line of clothing.

May 29,2020

Our newest adult bodysuits: On the Move and Pink Unicorn Rainbow. Very limited at this time but more to arrive soon.

April 28, 2020

Happy to announce the arrival of the new Karnevalee from our friends at Bambino. Same specifications as their Belissimo V2 but with a cute circus animal print.

February 27, 2020

Now available. ABU 4 tape BunnyHopps and Kiddos along with Tykables Cammies.

January 17, 2019

Our Bear Hugz training pants have finally arrived. Available in sizes small to 3XL. Starting today, 20% off all Gary vinyl snap-on pants. These pants are being discontinued to make room for new selections.


December 17,2019

Back in stock are the pull-on and snap-on Bear Hugs PUL pants. Arriving shortly (hopefully by the end of the year) will be our new Bear Hugz training pants.

November 7, 2019

Another new arrival is the Unicorn Rainbow adult bodysuit. This style too is in limited quantities as the material from France is hard to obtain. So far a "hit" with our local friends.



November 6, 2019

Our latest arrival is the Jurassic Roars adult bodysuit. This is a very limited product as the material is imported from France and very hard to obtain in large quantities for manufacturing. Don't wait too long as they will not last long.


October 31, 2019

Arriving soon will be our new Bear Hugz training pants. Same quality material as our current line of clothing and available in sizes small to 4xl.

Bear Hugz Trainer

October 29, 2019

Our newest additions from ABU. DinorawrZ and Bunny Hopps. Available in sizes medium, large and x-large. You won't be disappointed.



October 22, 2019

New order of Bear Hugz disposable diapers will soon arrive in Las Vegas. The only changes will be new package labels and box design.