About Us

Welcome to Changing Times Diaper Company, or, CTDC for short. We started as a small home based business in August 2008 in Yuba City, California offering a line of adult waterproof pull-on pants from Bumkins Finer Baby Products. It's been a difficult journey at times, but we have continued to expand and prevail through word-of-mouth and positive comments at various websites. We are known for quality products, affordable prices and fast, friendly service. Today, we are pleased to operate a retail location in the "Entertainment Capital of the World", Las Vegas where we showcase a complete line of reusable and disposable incontinence products.  

We offer a line of products designed for individuals in need of comfortable, reusable cloth diapers, waterproof pants and various diapering accessories. We are known for our diaper twill pre-fold and contour diapers which are the best in the industry today. Our line of waterproof pants has evolved over the years and we are pleased to offer products made with vinyl, polyurethane laminate (PUL) and baby pant taffeta. Needless to say with the use of cloth diapers comes the need for fasteners and we offer products from Dritz/Prym, Boingo and Snappi. We are happy to offer clothing protectors (bibs) made with vinyl, PUL and white taffeta.

We are always looking for new disposable products and now available are super absorbent disposable diapers from AB Universe, Bambino, Diaper Connoisseur, MyDiaper, Rearz and Tykables. We offer Bare Bum, Cushies, Kiddo, Lavender, Little Pawz, PeekABU, Pre-School, Simple, Simple Ultra, Space and Super Dry Kids diapers from AB Universe. Our Bambino selection includes the Bellissimo, Bellissimo Version 2 (V2), Classico, Classico V2,Magnifico, Teddy, Teddy V2,  Bianco, Bianco Ultra and Total Dry X-Plus briefs. From Diaper Connoisseur are the Amor and Idyl diapers. From Rearz comes the Barnyards, Dinosaur Elite, Princess, Rebels in black and pink versions, Safari, Seduction and the all-white Inspire Plus. Also offered are the Tykables Galactic, Galactic V2, Little Builder, Little Rawrs, Overnights, Unicorn and Waddlers. Our MyDiaper selection includes their Animal, Blue and Yellow prints. We hope to add additional disposable diapers from the leaders in the industry as word spreads about our exciting retail location.

Along with working with the above suppliers, we offer our super cute Bear Hugz products. This includes the popular plastic backed disposable diaper featuring 4 hook and loop tapes and 5000 ml capacity. Recently added is a line of clothing featuring bodysuits, diaper shirts, footed pajamas, training pants, and, pull-on and snap-on polyurethane laminate (PUL) pants. 

Welcome to our site and we hope you enjoy your visit. Please click on the Product Range page to see our complete line of youth and adult reusable diapering products.

We are always excited to meet customers so feel free to shop in person. Our discreet retail store is located at 2675 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 5 in the Flamingo Center. We are on the southwest corner of Flamingo Road and Eucalyptus Ave. The Flamingo Center is between the major streets of South Eastern Ave. and McLeod Road. We are in close proximity of Desert Springs Hospital and numerous medical facilities and physicians. Best of all, we are a short commute from The Strip and McCarren International Airport.

Our retail location is on a major bus route with bus number 202 running east and west approximately every 20 minutes. Bus stops are located across the street.

We offer shop-in-private for individuals looking for discreet service. Your shop-in private appointment will be scheduled during a time in which we are normally closed for daily business (after 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday). We ask for a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice to ensure we can accommodate your date and time requested. There is no fee for private shopping but we require a minimum purchase amount of $50.00. 

Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. Feel free to contact us at ctdc58@gmail.com if you would like a private shopping experience, need additional information about our retail location or have questions about our products and service.

Thank You,
Robert & Gayle
Owners, CTDC