Adult Print Pacifiers - Size 6


We are pleased to offer Size 6 adult print pacifiers. These pacifiers are a larger version made by NUK. The shield is approximately 2 5/8" wide and 1 7/8" high. The nipple extends 1 5/8" from the shield. The nipple shape is identical to the NUK 5 but just larger. The nipple is 100% silicone and the pacifier body and easy grab handle are made with ABS plastic.

Seven printed pacifiers shields are available. The characters are Cat (Meow), Deer, Elephant, Owl, Panda Bear, Stitch, Unicorn and now Pikachu. The nipples are made with soft, natural translucent silicone.

The pacifier teet should be sanitized using warm water and mild soap prior to using. DO NOT BOIL. It should be replaced approximately every three months. Use care when washing the shield as the print is an adhesive tape and will easily wash off if scrubbed too hard.  

Recent studies have also shown that pacifier use may cut down or completely eliminate snoring. This enables those suffering from snoring to enjoy sound sleep themselves and make sure that their family members get their rest at night as well. It uses the same principle as swallowing. When a subject sucks on the pacifier, the tongue rests behind teeth. When the tongue remains motionless, soft palate no longer vibrates and consequently it prevents sound from occurring in the first place. In addition, while holding the pacifier in his mouth, the person is not inclined to open his mouth. Reportedly they manage to cure 7 out of 10 people from snoring.

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