Cloth Diaper - Contour with 10 Ply Insert

Cloth Diaper - Contour with 10 Ply Insert


10% off all remaining small contour cloth diapers.

We are pleased to offer what is one of the most comfortable cloth diapers on the market today. Our adult contoured diapers are designed and manufactured by a leading maker of infant cloth diapers. The 100% cotton threads are woven in a twill weave pattern which makes the diaper extremely soft and more comfortable than flannel or birdseye materials. This is the same material used in our toddler and adult pre-fold diapers. The hourglass design provides for a trimmer fit and allows for less bulk between the legs while still providing superior absorption. These diapers are great for use during the daytime under street clothing without being noticeable. The diaper is 4x10x4 in construction. The center 10-layer soaker panel runs the entire length of the diaper. A separate 10-layer soaker pad comes with each contour diaper to allow individuals the option of additional absorbency and protection when needed. The edges of the diaper and soaker pad are serged with light blue thread to prevent unraveling of the layers. Our contour diapers are for adults dealing with heavy bladder and/or bowel incontinence. These diapers become softer, thicker and take on a quilted look after the being approximately five times. They provide the ultimate in protection when worn with our quality waterproof pants. The diaper is available in four sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Prices start at $18.95 for size small.

  • 100% diaper twill material
  • 4x10x4 construction
  • Hourglass shape for trimmer fit
  • Less bulk between legs
  • Comes with separate absorbing pad
  • Edges sewn with light blue thread
  • Available in four sizes

Small New - front 20", middle 9", back 27", length 29"
Washed - front 17", middle 7 1/2", back 24", length 25"
Insert New - 8" x 27"   Washed - 7" x 24"

Medium New - front 22", middle 10", back 30", length 33" (Sold-Out)
Washed - front 19", middle 8", back 27", length 29"
Insert New - 9" x 31"   Washed - 8" x 26"

Large New - front 26", middle 11", back 36", length 37" (Sold-Out)
Washed - front 23", middle 10", back 32", length 32"
Insert New - 10" x 35"   Washed - 9" x 29"

X-Large New - front 29", middle 13", back 38", length 41" (Sold-Out)
Washed - front 25", middle 11", back 33", length 36"
Insert New - 12" x 39"   Washed - 10 1/2" x 34"

My suggestion for choosing the correct size is to select the same size as the pre-fold or disposable brief you currently wear.


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