Footed Pajama - Fuzzi Friends


Just in time for winter. Looking for something lightweight and comfortable to wear? Our Fuzzi Friends footed pajamas are made with lightweight stretch material consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This is the same quality material used in the manufacturing of our 2-piece pajamas, bodysuits and snap shoulder diaper shirts. Light green edging at the neck and wrist openings compliments the pajamas. In addition, a plastic zipper runs from the neck opening to just above the ankle on the left leg. This is the perfect garment to wear when lounging around the house or for enjoying a peaceful night's sleep. Footed pajamas are available in sizes small to 4XL. 

Please see Sizing Chart page (Footed Pajamas) to determine appropriate size.

Please note our footed sleeper sizes are similar to those from Rearz.

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