Disposable Diaper - Bambino Classico - 2


Please be aware we are no longer reordering Bambino products. 

We were please to offer the Classico adult disposable diapers from the Bottom Half Group. The Classico diapers feature over the top absorbency performance, with more super absorbent polymers (SAP) than any other comparable diaper produced anywhere in the world today. The performance comes from its double-drum form core and more polyacrelates (SAP) than any other diaper for its size.

Bambino Classico diapers have both a set of inner standing leg cuffs (gathers) as well as multi-stranded outer lycra-stretch gathers to comfortably seal the diaper to the users thighs to help insure a snug comfortable fit. The inner leg cuffs help contain the urine inside the diaper while directing the fluid back into the core. LATEX FREE!

The Bambino Classico diaper is the only adult baby diaper with a soft foam stretch waist both in front and in back of the diaper. The foam stretch waist material is superior to other current adult diapers that uses heat-shrunk plastic to achieve some minimal stretch in the back.

The Bambino Classico diaper comes with a playful machine printed frontal panel made from extra think plastic that not only strengthens the diaper but helps ensure many refasten-able cycles (the refasten-able front panel should last for 4-7 cycles without tearing the diaper or pulling loose unless some oil or powder gets on the front panel or the adhesive tape tabs).

Designed to be playful yet functional, we made this incredible adult baby diaper even more absorbent than the leading brands of adult diapers. We know you'll love how absorbent it is and how the front will swell just like a baby diaper when it becomes wet! These diapers are really heavy too - they weigh up to 210 grams each! That's almost half a pound of diaper fun each!

The diaper features:

  • Playful printed reinforced frontal panel
  • Inner standing leg cuffs (gathers) 
  • Absorbent double-drum forum core 
  • Super absorbent polymers (SAP) 
  • Soft foam stretch waist (front and back) 
  • Extra set of multi-strand leg gathers for full containment 
  • Wide one and a quarter inch tape tabs (4 per diaper)
  • All day, all night performance
  • 2 diapers per pack


Medium: 32" - 40"

Large: 38" - 50"

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