Feedback is very important to us. This is what customers are saying about our products and service.  

Tom from Oregon -  "These pants are GREAT...GREAT"

Tony from New Hampshire - "OK, I'm impressed with the waterproof pants! The prints are super and the performance is great" 

Marcus from Lousiana - "I really like them! The fit is nice and generous and I look forward to ordering more in the future."  

Gary from Indiana - "Loved the other pants so I had to get more :-) " 

Dennis from Virginia - "These were very well made pants. I am impressed with the sewing and it is obvious that the pros made these. The material is a unique offering in Adult range and I think you have a niche." 

Frank from Ohio - "My order for the two Bumkins pants arrived today and they are excellent." 

Chris from California - "The quality was exceptional, as is the comfort. The medium might possibly have been more appropriate, but the leg size for medium precluded that choice. The leg measurement for large was at the upper end, and while snug, it is not uncomfortable or tight. It does mean that the fit of the large is otherwise very generous overall, but just fine." 

John from North Carolina - "They are just what I wanted. Thank you so much for offering a quality product at a great proce! I look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future." 

Scott from Georgia -  "Wow, what excellent service. Even though on check out PayPal left my browser hanging, as we all know it can, Robert followed up and got my order out that day express mail and kept me informed via email update. I could not recommend a better vendor of cloth diaper and plastic pants. Great going Robert! you have a dedicated customer." 

M. from Maryland -  "I think these new adult prefolds are the most comfortable cloth diapers I have worn since the Curity people quit making flat baby cloth diapers many years ago." 

Stephen from Florida - I can't believe how fast you ship!

Marc from Louisiana -  Hello Robert. I must say, your company is incredible! I ordered the Snappis on Thursday, they were shipped the same day and arrived today (March 6th). I like doing business with a company that gets the order to you as quick as they can. Thank You.

Kim from New York - I thank you for you fast service. Out of all the companies out there, it is such a pleasure to do business with you. I think I am going to become a very good customer.

Tim from Florida - Just to let you know Thanks for the great price and service. I have been using incontinence products for over 20 years and have been on the cloth diaper and plastic pants for the past 10. They are much more comfortable and more economical than disposables. Also the (Gary Vinyl Pants ) last a long time. Thanks Again

Cal from Wisconsin - Robert, thanks for the incredible delivery! It took only 2 days to get from California to Wisconsin! The InControl comfort pants are awesome! I feel very safe and secure wearing them over my disposable diapers. Great quality product, incredibly fast shipping! Hope to order more of the printed vinyl on my next order.

Bob from Texas - Just a note to tell you that I really like the fit of your new pul pants. My wife even made a comment on them, she said they were cute, and fit well. She has never made that kind of comment about anything else we ever bought from anyone else. So good job and great product!  We will order more.

David from New York - Robert, I received my latest order yesterday and as usual it came quickly with no problems.  As I've said before, your diapers are the best and most comfortable I've used.  Thanks again for serving us with excellent products and outstanding service.

Tony from New Hampshire - Holy Cow!  Robert!  I just ordered the two pair of PUL pants on Monday and I picked them up from my mail box yesterday. Two days......amazing! I am well pleased with your PUL pants; again I thank you for bringing them to us.  With much of the nation suffering from this extended heat I would expect more people to consider PUL pants as they experience the discomfort and stickiness of vinyl plastic pants.

Jim from San Diego - I'm very happy that I finally got the chance to order product from you, Your products are absolutely wonderful! The diapers are absorbent and so soft. The high waist plastic pants fit perfectly!

Gary from Michigan - Thank you for the pants which fit well. Good price for a good product made in America. Thanks. You have made a good impression and I will be buying more from you . Thanks again.

Bob from California - I just got my latest order of contour diapers and plastic pants. I want to thank for the great service you provide. Also the contour diapers are truly, superior and are the most absorbent diapers I have used. The Gary pull-on comfort pants have kept my bed and cloths absolutely dry. The contour diapers used with the Gary pants are an amazing combination. I will be ordering more from you as the need arises, although the cloth diapers are so well made they may last for years.

Darrell from Texas - I just recently received my order that I placed last week. I'm thoroughly impressed the contour diapers. I like the fit through the crotch real well. I put a pair of jeans on over them and like that. If I need to go out in public I won't be afraid to wear them. If I was wearing a pre-fold not so much would I do that.

Roger from Massachusetts - Thanks so much for the great Frogs & Turtles PUL pants. They fit perfectly and the shade of pink is just what I hoped it would be.

John from Ohio - Robert is simply GREAT. I had previously purchased products from CTDC over the internet. A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and decided to stop at his store. I was trying to get to his store before closing. The traffic was bad as it was rush hour and near closing time. When I arrived he was just locking up. Robert opened the store and let me shop. Robert is very knowledgeable about the products he sells and is a great help in choosing the right product. His product quality is the best and his prices are the best around. After making my purchase, I asked Robert if her could call me a Taxi to get me back to my hotel on the strip. Roberts reply was "You don't need a Taxi, I will drive you back to your hotel on my way home". WOW, now that's customer service. I cant say enough how great it is shopping with CTDC online or at their store. Next time your in Vegas, stop by the store, you wont be disappointed.

Ian from England - Hi Robert – wow, you don’t hang around !!!  Thanks for the update and for the fast and efficient service.

Mary from Kansas - Tried your Bear Hugz diaper, WOW!!! I was'nt sure about a Velcro tab diaper but am impressed. Excellent fit, a true all day or all night diaper. Your PUL pants are awesome as well. Keep up the great work