Lang Vinyl Pants - Matte White


We are sorry to see the discontinuation of the Lang vinyl pant. Manufacturing difficulties make it impossible to keep the pants in stock. Though no longer made by Edley Enterprises in New Hampshire, the same patterns, licensed materials, manufacturing techniques and equipment are used to make the pants today. These finely crafted pants are constructed using only the finest vinyl film along with the best elastic with nylon covered lace. The side seams are heat sealed to prevent separation. The Lang pants have been a mainstay in the incontinence industry since the 80's and remain one the the finest products on the market today for use over cloth diapers. This is the original style with the matte side out.

  • 100% medical grade vinyl film
  • Textured vinyl surface outside, smooth and shiny surface inside
  • Nylon covered elastic at waist and legs
  • Heat sealed side seams
  • Generous sizing and comfortable fit 
  • Wide crotch to cover thick diapers
  • Milky white in color
  • Made in the USA
  • Only available in size medium

Please note the vinyl is a little stiff when new and will become softer after several washings. The vinyl is medical grade and can withstand hot water, but line drying is highly recommended to avoid potential damage from high dryer temperatures.


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