Disposable Pad - ABU Power Ups


We are pleased to offer the ABU Power Ups™! Get a boost in absorbency with these new PowerUps™ from ABU. At 1/8 inch thin, ABU PowerUps™ can expand to 1.5 inches providing you with far greater endurance while doing just about anything. Want 2x the boost? Just use 2 ABU PowerUps™!

The PowerUps™ features:
  • 900 ml absorbency
  • Quick absorb core
  • Lock-in-place adhesive
  • Baby fresh scent
  • Dimensions: Length, 16.5";  Width, 6"
  • Height: 0.125"
  • Swell Factor: 1.5" Boost

Available in packages of 5 or 30.