Disposable Diaper - Rearz Lil Bella - 2


We are pleased to offer the Rearz Lil Bella diapers. From the Eurosoft outer to the gloriously sweet cotton candy scent, this new diaper is a whole new experience.

Redefining the experience of enjoying diapers, Lil Bella is a must try. Lil Bella briefs offer a thinner core than our flagship adult disposable diapers, making them more suitable for use during the day.  Bella is a comfortable thickness with an amazing swell factor throughout the day.

Designed for 8 hours of extended wear throughout the day, proving protection even for the most active wearer. Features an extra soft plastic outer layer for maximum enjoyment. The innovative scented core features wicking and odor control for discreet wear. 

This brief features strong adhesive tab fasteners, which allow for a multiple adjustments throughout the day. 

Features include:

  • Tall standing leak guards
  • Elastic waistbands front and back
  • Strong, refastenable tapes
  • Reinforced frontal panel
  • Superior odor control (cotton candy scent)
  • Super Soft PE (plastic) outer resists stretching and tearing
  • 2 diapers per sample pack

Sizing and absorbency

Medium - 30" - 44"
4135 ml absorbency

Large - 38" - 49"
4252 ml absorbency

X-Large - 44" - 59"
4592 ml absorbency

For the best fit, order the size you are in middle of the range listed. Please note size ranges are absolute maximums and these tend to fit on the smaller side compared to other Rearz styles. You should select a size where you are on the low to medium side of the measurements.

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