Disposable Diaper - DC Amor - 2


We are pleased to offer the Amor disposable diapers from Diaper Connoisseur. The diaper features:

  • All over printed design
  • Refined prints giving quality graphics and rich color
  • Durable, pink outer plastic cover
  • Reinforced 40mm 3M tapes
  • 1 tape per side (size small)
  • 2 tapes per side (medium and large)
  • Super soft, non woven top sheet (interior)
  • Imported SAP with incredible wicking power
  • Less compression providing a nice thick core
  • Front and rear waistbands
  • 5000 ml absorbency
  • 2 diapers per pack

Sizing: waist/hips

Small: 21" - 31"

Medium: 30" - 40"

Large: 38" - 48"

Please note my wholesale price does not allow me to offer free shipping. The DC Amor disposable diapers can be ordered directly from Diaper Connoisseur in Fresno, California.

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