Disposable Diaper - Bambino Teddy - 2


We are pleased to offer the Bambino Teddy diapers from The Bottom Half Group. The diaper features an all new frontal design, increased absorbent capacity and softer overall look. The diaper has an adorable Teddy Bear design which is printed on a new softer frontal plastic panel giving the diaper a more Babyish look and feel. The increased absorbency comes from a 10% increase in the SAP, which has been added to the back of the diaper for even more absorbency. The Teddy diaper is constructed on the same chassis as our Classico and Bianco diapers but with a bit more absorbency and comfort.

The diaper features:

  • Playful printed softer frontal panel
  • Inner standing leg cuffs (gathers)
  • Super absorbent polymers (SAP)
  • Absorbent double drum foam core with extra SAP for absorbency
  • Soft foam stretch waist (front and back)
  • Extra set of multi-strand leg gathers for full containment
  • All day, all night performance
  • 2 diapers per pack


Medium: 32" - 40"

Large: 38" - 50"

X-Large: 47" - 57"

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