Disposable Diaper - ABDL Carousel - 2

Disposable Diaper - ABDL Carousel - 2


We are pleased to offer the all-new Carousel Diapers from the ABDL Shop. The diaper has soft muted pastel colors and a simple, but cute design that is babyish without taking away from the white diaper look. Carousel Diapers are thick, soft, fluffy and comfortable enough to use during the day or night.

The diaper feature:

  • All plastic outer shell
  • Two wide tapes per side
  • Shiny plastic carousel tape zone
  • Super soft fluffy core
  • Tall standing leak guards
  • Front and back waistband
  • Wide cut over the bottom to ensure maximum coverage
  • Absorbency of 4000 - 4500 ml
  • Wicks moisture away incredibly fast
  • 2 diapers per pack

Medium: 30" - 40" waist/hips

Large: 38" - 50" waist/hips

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