Disposable Pad - Bambino Quadro Deluxe Booster - 4 pk

Disposable Pad - Bambino Quadro Deluxe Booster - 4 pk


We are pleased to offer the Quadro Deluxe from Bambino Diapers. These booster pads are simply on another level with approximately 1000 ml capacity. Over the years, Bambino has listened to the community and observed the need for a super premium booster that would supercharge any diaper and stand out above all others. The Quadro Deluxe absorbency characteristics paired with the thin profile, the ultra soft non-woven that stays in contact with your skin and finally the instant moisture pull-through due to our proprietary booster pad technology translates into a powerhouse pad.

The booster pads feature:

Quadro Deluxe

  • 16" L x 6" W
  • Approximately 1000 ml capacity
  • Proprietary booster pad technology, no pulp or fluff
  • Incredibly soft non-woven for ultimate skin comfort
  • Ultra adhesive tape for pinpoint placement
  • Instant absorption / moisture pull-through
  • No bunching or tearing while saturated
  • Non-scented
  • Sample pack includes 4 pads

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