Cloth Diaper - Pre-Fold - Adult Medium Unbleached

Cloth Diaper - Pre-Fold - Adult Medium Unbleached


"The ultimate in comfort, fit and absorption"

We are pleased to offer what is one of the most comfortable cloth diapers on the market today. Our adult pre-folds are designed and manufactured by a leading maker of infant cloth diapers. The 100% cotton threads are woven in a twill weave pattern which makes the diaper extremely soft and much more comfortable than flannel or birdseye materials. The pre-fold design is the same found in many of today's infant and toddler size cloth diapers and our youth and adult sizes are an "exact" copy of what is referred to as a Diaper Service Quality (DSQ) Chinese pre-fold. The design allows for use during the daytime under street clothing without being noticeable. These diapers become softer, thicker and take on a quilted look after the being washed approximately five times. The center soaker panel (10 layers) runs the entire length of the diaper. The short edges are serged with blue thread to prevent unraveling of the layers. The long edges are folded over during the manufacturing process which makes the use of serging this area unnecessary and provides for a more comfortable fit. Our pre-fold diapers are for adults dealing with heavy bladder and/or bowel incontinence. They will provide the ultimate in protection when worn with our quality line of waterproof pants.  

  • 100% cotton
  • Unbleached (tan colored)
  • Twill weave pattern (threads woven parallel)
  • As comfortable and absorbent as gauze weave pre-folds
  • 4x10x4 pre-fold design
  • Serged edges with white thread
  • The ultimate in protection *
  • Last up to 500 washes **
  • More economical than disposables
  • Made by a leading manufacturer of infant cloth diapers 

Medium measures 34" wide by 39" long new,
28" x 33" washed
Fit to waist size 41"

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