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The Bear Hugz adult disposable diapers are quickly growing to be a very popular product for their comfort, absorbency and cute print. The diaper is functional enough to wear throughout the day while still being absorbent enough for overnight use. The cute print was developed by a graphic designer who in the past designed prints for infant diapers.  

Bear Hugz diapers feature:

  • An all-over print featuring cute bears on clouds, stars and moons
  • Moons fade when wet
  • Super soft plastic shell is strong, yet soft to the touch to reduce irritation
  • Hook and loop (Velcro) fastening system
  • Two fasteners per side allow for adjustments (as needed) throughout the day
  • 14 inch front and rear waistbands
  • Tall standing leak guards for comfort and security
  • 5000 ml absorbency (1.3 gal)
  • 2 diapers per pack

Medium: Waist 28" - 36"

Large: Waist 36" - 46" 

Please note we are in the process of licensing our Bear Hugz diapers to a well-known source here in the US. This will cause the new order of diapers to be slightly different than our current versions. The sizing will change slightly along with the smoothness of the outer plastic covering. The absorption will increase to 6000 ml. Please do not wait too long to order if you prefer the current style. Once they are gone there will be no more. 

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