Diaper Fastener - Snappi Size 2 - Double Pack


"The revolutionary way to fasten cloth diapers"

The Snappi® diaper fastener is an easy to use product that offers a practical and reliable new way to securely fasten cloth diapers. It is constructed of a 100% stretchable non-toxic polyurethane with the double pack containing one mint and one white fastener. The T-shaped fastener has plastic grips on each end which hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug fit while providing for plenty of natural movement. Three plastic grips hold extremely well without damaging the diaper fabric. They are designed to be used with cotton pre-folds, terry cloth and other diapers with a loose enough weave to hook into. They do not work well with tightly woven diapers. The Size 2 Toddler Snappi® works extremely well with our size youth to large pre-fold cloth diapers and will easily stretch to a length of 12".

An added safety feature allow the polyurethane rings on each grip to be folded over and act as a barrier to prevent the teeth from being exposed when not in use. Important Note - the polyurethane rings are NOT to be pulled on when attaching the Snappi® fastener to the diaper as they can break from unnecessary pressure and will not be covered by the manufacturers warranty. The polyurethane tabs on the grips should be pulled when attaching the fastener.

The Snappi® diaper fastener is very easy to use. Hook left, stretch across and hook right, stretch down and hook center. An alternative way to attach the Snappi® diaper fastener for youth and adult use is to hook the center grip to the diaper, stretch and hook the left side, then stretch across and hook to the right side. Individuals can develop their own technique to attach the Snappi® diaper fastener in order to obtain a snug and comfortable fit. An instruction paper and warranty information will be enclosed with all orders of this product to ensure proper techniques are followed. 

Care for the fastener is as simple as washing in hot, soapy water.

  • Safe - no more pricking with sharp diaper pins
  • Reliable - a snug fitting diaper to prevent leaks
  • Durable - up to six months of use with proper care
  • Easy to use - 1-2-3 and your done 
  • FDA approved - no hazardous chemicals and latex free
  • Size 2 double pack comes with one blue and one red, two mints or one white and one mint

I can honestly endorse this product for adult use as they allow for a secure and comfortable fitting diaper. The Size 2 Toddler fastener has been used with our medium and large adult pre-folds while working around the house, working on our truck, and at night without the diaper becoming loose.

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